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Here are the answers to the commonly asked questions we’ve received over the years. Most of your questions will be below with a brief answer. However, for a more in depth understanding of these topics, please visit our blog. If a question is missing, or there is something you’d like to add, please let us know at info@monarchbutterflies.ca and we’ll be sure to add it. 

We have broken down the FAQs into specific categories based on our online store, products, and other services.

The season for painted lady kit begins at the end of April or May weather and season permitting. We begin sending out monarch kits at the end of July – September each year. 

The caterpillar food is made from ground Hollyhock, Thistle, wheat germ sugar and water.

Yes, we take pre-orders up to 1 year  in advance. You can place the order online and Contact Us and let us know when you would like to receive your order for.

We do not offer orders for pick up, as we are an online store and as a requirement need to provide tracking for all orders.

Yes, we offer all of our products to the public including schools and homes across Canada.

All butterfly orders are shipped with Canada Post using XpressPost shipping. We use insulated containers with ice packs to keep the butterflies dormant (in a sleep-like state) as butterflies hibernate when they are cold and it is dark. It is the most natural, humane and safest method to ship butterflies. Please visit our blog to see more on care, release, storing your butterflies and more.

Yes, for larger orders placed in advance we are able to offer discounts. Please email us at info@monarchbutterflies.ca to inquire further for discounts and rates.

There is a base rate for each product, when ordering multiple items to the same address the shipping price is determined by overall weight and size. It is not determined by quantity, therefore prices will not double when ordering 2 of the same item to the same address.

We ship all of our orders with Canada Post using Expedited shipping, with tracking, $100 standard postal insurance. Your email will be tagged to receive tracking information with updates.

We are able to ship your orders to your home, school, business or anywhere Canada Post is able to provide their service.

Canada Post may choose, at their discretion, to leave your package at your front door, a side door, with a concierge, at a safe drop location, in a community mailbox, or tag it for pickup at your local post office. Although we wish they could hand deliver every package, it is out of our control. Please ensure you provide the most accurate postal address and any special instructions if needed.

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