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Below you will find our continually growing blog dedicated to everything related to raising and releasing butterflies. We have broken down the content into specific categories based on our online store, products, and other services. This space is continually evolving to assist you in understanding all the ins and outs of raising, caring for, and releasing butterflies. 

If you would like to contribute any knowledge you’ve gained, pictures of your experience, please share it with us at info@monarchbutterflies.ca. We value your insights and any new information you may have. Just as humans sometimes have developmental growth issues, whether physical or behavioral, butterflies are very much the same. By sharing your experiences, with pictures, we can learn, understand, and share your knowledge with others, improving our collective ability to care for butterflies.

Closeup of Monarch Butterfly

Monarchs Are Moving North

Letter from Estela Romero: Holding Our Breath — Awaiting the Massive Departure of Monarchs Estela Romero reports that a significant number of

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