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Here are the answers to the commonly asked questions we’ve received over the years. Most of your questions will be below with a brief answer. However, for a more in depth understanding of these topics, please visit our blog. If a question is missing, or there is something you’d like to add, please let us know at info@monarchbutterflies.ca and we’ll be sure to add it. 

We have broken down the FAQs into specific categories based on our online store, products, and other services.

Is milkweed the only source of food and host plant for monarchs?

Yes, the only source of food to feed monarch caterpillars is milkweed. Milkweed is also the only plant a monarchs will lay their eggs on.

Are you milkweed seeds organic?

Yes, all of our seeds are organic. They are free from pesticides and all chemicals.

Where can I find the milkweed seeds planting instructions?

Click here to visit our blog post with a step by step instruction guide on how to plant the milkweed seeds.

Are the seeds ready to be planted?

Our milkweed seeds have already gone through the cold stratification process so they are ready to be planted.

Where do you get your seeds from?

We grow our own organic milkweed and each fall we harvest the seeds. Our plants are never sprayed and are free from chemicals and pesticides to ensure that monarchs will have a healthy food source.

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