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Welcome To Our Program Fund Contribution Page

Welcome to our Program Fund Contribution page. For many years, has provided Butterfly Raising Kits, Ready to Release Butterflies, Milkweed Seeds, and in-person educational sessions to a variety of organizations, including schools, Montessori’s, Charity programs, First Nation groups, Low-income families, Households, New Canadians, Children/Adults with disabilities, and many more.

All contributed funds will directly benefit our various programs, helping those who would otherwise not have an opportunity to learn about and experience the incredible butterfly metamorphosis process. Your donation will support our ongoing efforts to promote butterfly education and repopulation across Canada.

Thank you in advance for your contribution. Even the smallest amount helps keep these vital programs running and contributes to our overall goal of butterfly conservation and education.

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We are always looking for passionate individuals to join our team and help with our mission to repopulate the butterfly population. As a volunteer, you will have the opportunity to work alongside us and participate in a variety of activities, such as:

  • Sharing and donating milkweed seeds to help create more habitats for butterflies
  • Sharing lesson plans and educational content to help educate others
  • Reviewing the content on our website to verify its accuracy and currency concerning information on butterfly conservation.
  • Conducting research on butterfly conservation and related topics
  • Participating in community service activities related to butterfly conservation
  • Providing feedback on your experience raising butterflies with our kits
  • And much more!

As a volunteer, you will be an essential part of our team and play a vital role in helping us achieve our goals. We welcome volunteers of all backgrounds and skill levels, and we are committed to providing a supportive and welcoming environment for everyone.

To volunteer, please fill out the form below with your name, email, and a brief message about your interest in volunteering with the Monarch Butterflies Team. We will be in touch with you soon to discuss how you can get involved and help make a difference.

Thank you for your interest in joining our team and helping to repopulate the butterfly population. We look forward to working with you!

Are you ready to volunteer?

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