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Growing up, some of us can recall seeing an abundance of butterflies, in the wild, in the suburbs, and even in our urban centers. As children, our founders were avid butterfly enthusiasts, from bringing butterflies home in jars, to doing science projects about them. Sadly, children today rarely experience that same fascination and joy due to the rapid and continuing decline of butterflies. Long before our initiative was established, we made a conscious decision to do something about it. As we learned about the decline of butterfly populations, we first began providing free milkweed seeds to the public, the only host plant and source of food for monarchs. After a short period of time, our vision grew bigger to include raising and releasing butterflies, however, we realized we couldn’t do enough on our own, and that’s where you come in!

Our Initiative

Our vision and continuing initiative is to provide the public with the means to help grow and preserve the most beloved and recognized butterfly in North America. Through education and action, we can have an impact by releasing even one butterfly. In the wild, of every 100 eggs, only 1 reaches the butterfly stage. However, when raised under our care, the success rate is next to perfect when adhering to our easy to follow instructions supplemented with the wealth of information on our continuously growing blog.

If there is something you’d like to add, please let us know by emailing out team at info@monarchbutterflies.ca and we’ll be sure to add it.

Our Primary Services

To meet the goals of our Vision and Initiative, we provide butterfly raising kits that include all that you need to raise, hatch, and release butterflies. Also, we offer fully grown butterflies ready to be released. While we wish we could release them everywhere ourselves, when our clients release adult butterflies in various regions, it has a huge impact on repopulation.

Rather than buying flowers for your special occasion, which has no beneficial impact on the ecosystem and is most often detrimental to the environment, for the same cost of a medium to large bouquet, our butterfly kits and ready to release butterflies are far more unique and have a lasting positive effect on the environment.

Those who have adopted our Initiative have used our butterfly kits for education in the classroom and community centers, weddings, birthdays, baby showers, corporate events, funerals, fundraisers, proposals, engagement parties, gender reveals, retirement homes, correctional facilities, hospice care, memorials, confirmation ceremonies, ad campaigns, photoshoots, and the list goes on and on. Whatever your event may be, or even if you simply want to make an impact in your neighborhood, butterflies are perfect for every occasion!

Additional Services

Beyond butterfly kits and adult butterflies ready for release, we also offer ethically sourced framed butterflies and moths. Each framed butterfly or moth comes from a natural and cruelty free repopulation farm from around the world. With the funds from each purchase of a framed butterfly, the farms can release a multitude of butterflies into the wild. We offer this service to support the efforts of farms from around the world that share our mission, paying the way to global butterfly repopulation. Furthermore, the farms provide education to locals and a source of income to native residents in places where the only other sources of income include the destruction of trees, raising livestock, or other ecologically detrimental activities. If the farms cannot be sustained, the butterflies will vanish with them.

Our Mission, Initiative, and Services, taken together with your participation, will make all the difference in the imperative preservation of these essential insects. You can simply start by planting our free organic milkweed seeds to attract and feed monarch caterpillars. To learn even more, get the latest news, tips and insights, please follow our blog.

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