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Claims Process:

Welcome to the Claims Process page. We’re sorry that you may have experienced some issues with your purchase. By filing your claim through this page, not only is it the fastest way for us to resolve your matter, it also allows us to recognize any discrepancies in our delivery process and the information will assist us in improving our overall customer experience. Furthermore, when we receive any claim, our specialist reviews them and adds any insights to our knowledge base which we always share with our community through our FAQ and Online Blog. Although challenges may arise, we are dedicated to minimizing any delivery issues and maintaining transparency throughout our processes.

All claims are subject to our Terms and Conditions, including:

  • For all perished insects, you will need to file your claim on the same day of arrival;
  • You will be required to take clear photos of each individually affected insect and a clear photo of all affected insects together to understand the cause of your insects perishing and to properly evidence your claim; 
  • You will be required to write a description of the condition of the insects; 
  • For all damaged packaging, contents or missing items, you will need to file your claim within 48 hours of arrival; 
  • Canada Post does not guarantee perishable items under their postal insurance, however, all orders come with a standard $100.00 postal insurance – unless additional postage insurance was purchased –  which covers any physical damage to the packaging or undelivered packages.

In the event your claim is related to Canada Post delivery services, you must respond to all calls or emails from Canada Post for the successful process of your claim. After submitting your claim below, we will file a claim on your behalf with Canada Post. At the time Canada Post responds to the claim, we will update you on their progress. Please include as much information as possible on the claims form below to ensure we can process your claim as soon as possible.


Monarch Butterflies Logo

Thank you, your claim was submitted successfully. We will get back to you as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience while we review this claim.