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Send a Gift or Voucher to a Loved One or Friend

We are happy to offer Gift Cards and Vouchers to share the joy of butterflies with loved ones, friends, organizations, or anyone you may choose.

These Gift Cards and Vouchers never expire and can be sent to anyone within Canada for any given occasion. The Gift Cards and Vouchers can be redeemed for  any of our online products or used in conjunction with any purchase. Whether it be for Christmas, Mother’s Day, a celebration of life, or a birthday, our Gift Cards and Vouchers can be used for a wide variety of special occasions to meet your needs. 

Vouchers are completely transferable and can be shared by email or through any digital means. Sharing the gift of butterflies creates a very special opportunity to provide a unique experience. Celebrations of life, Weddings, Mother’s Day, birthdays, or any event can be turned into a wonder of nature. Gifting butterflies allows us to continue our work in education and spreading the love of our collective.

We encourage you to give the gift of nature! Your support and the continued support of your loved ones and friends helps us to raise awareness of declining butterfly populations.

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