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What to plant for a butterfly garden

Discover the beauty of butterfly-friendly plants with a variety of perennials, biennials, and annuals that provide continuous nectar from late spring to fall. Transform your garden into a haven for these delicate creatures, nurturing their mesmerizing dance amidst vibrant blooms.

A list of Perennials:
  • Asters: Late summer to fall
  • Bee Balm-Bergamot: Summer through fall
  • Butterfly bush (buddleia): Mid-summer to fall
  • Butterfly weed: Summer through fall
  • Coreopsis: All summer
  • Hollyhock: Summer
  • Lavender: Summer
  • Lupine: Late spring and early summer
  • Mints: All summer
  • Passionflower: Summer to fall
  • Phlox: All summer
  • Purple coneflower: Late summer into fall
  • Salvia: Summer into fall
  • Shasta daisy: Summer
  • Thistles: Late spring to fall
  • Violet: Spring
  • White or Red clover: Summer
  • Yarrow: Mid to late summer

A list of Biennials

  • Black-eyed-Susan: Summer to fall
  • Red Clover: Summer
  • Queen Anne’s lace: Late spring through fall
  • Sweet William: Spring to early summer


A list of Annuals:

  • Alyssum: Summer to mid-fall
  • Candy Tuft: Spring to summer
  • Common Stock: Spring to summer
  • Cornflower: Summer
  • Cosmos: Late summer to fall
  • Dianthus: Spring to fall
  • Heliotrope (perennial in South): Late spring to summer
  • Impatiens: Summer through fall
  • Lobelia: Summer into fall
  • Marigold: Summer into fall
  • Mexican sunflower: Summer into fall
  • Nasturtium: Late summer
  • Parsley: Green from spring to fall
  • Sage: Summer to fall
  • Salvia: Summer through fall
  • Scabiosa: Summer through fall
  • Sweet William: Summer into fall
  • Verbena: Spring to fall
  • Zinnia: Mid-summer to fall

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