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New Beginnings – A Fight In The Sun

That first bright step into the sunshine of life

begins with the opening of the family cocoon.

The caterpillar becomes a butterfly

spreading her wings into the world.

What she is today is but a tiny mirror.

of the transformation that is yet to come.

For with time, love, humor and warmth

She is an everchanging masterpiece.

Whether as wife, mother, career woman or all,

she will find her center of peace.

A place that is hers and hers alone,

the essence of what she is and will be.

Using the instincts that each of us have

to find the good in each other.

to be a caring friend, lover, helper and playmate,

to listen and share, to laugh and to cry.

With loving support of family and friends,

she takes flight down an unknown road towards her future,

like the rising of the sun in the east.

Each day filled with new beginnings.

Finding excitement and challenge at each new turn.

Her flight through life filled with many happy adventures

and memories to put in her book of life,

as the sun moves along that steady path across the sky.

When the sun at last begins to set in the west

and her flight nears its end, she can look back along her path

and know that she has been everything she can be

and has done her very best.

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