Framed Urania Leilus

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It has black wings with metallic green stripes. Its hindwings have 3 long tails and have a large area of iridescent scales that reflect orange, red, and blue-green hues according to the angle of view.

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Black Frame
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The Urania Leilus Moth includes:

    • Shadow Box Frame (with an option of a White or Black Frame)
    • A preserved and spread Urania Leilus from Peru
    • The size of the butterfly ranges from 7-8cm
    • A special note from the team

Frame Specification:

Height & Width of 25 centimeters with a Depth of 6 centimeters)

Each framed butterfly or moth comes from a natural and cruelty-free repopulation farm from around the world. With the funds from each purchase of a framed butterfly, the farms can release a multitude of butterflies into the wild. We offer this service to support the efforts of farms from around the world that share our mission, paying the way to global butterfly repopulation. Furthermore, the farms provide education to locals and a source of income to native residents in places where the only other sources of income include the destruction of trees, raising livestock, or other ecologically detrimental activities. If the farms cannot be sustained, the butterflies will vanish with them.

All of our framed insects are legally imported into Canada. They are farmed or collected with the permission of the government in the countries they come from and exported with licenses, quotas, and permits where required. The wildlife authorities of those countries manage all transactions and encourage ecologically healthy practices to ensure species survival and a renewable resource providing incomes in the exporting countries.

Additional Information


All insects are preserved and spread to frame by our team. Each butterfly or moth is unique, and some framed insects may arrive looking slightly different than as pictured. Your order will appear very similar to what is pictured, however, just as human fingerprints are unique, so are butterfly patterns.  For additional information, please visit our FAQ and blog for detailed information. If there is something you’d like to add, please let us know at and we’ll be sure to add it.

Shipping Time


Our framed insects are available year-round and can be shipped at any time. They are carefully packaged to ensure they arrive safely.  All shipments are made through Canada Post and shipped to the address provided, however, they may choose, at their discretion, to leave your package at your front door, a side door, with a concierge, at a safe drop location, in a community mailbox, or tag it for pickup at your local post office.

Although we wish they can hand-deliver every package, it is out of our control. Please ensure you provide the most accurate postal address and any special instructions if needed.

In the past, we’ve used other courier and delivery services, and our experience has been that Canada Post takes the most care when handling our packages. After years of service, we developed a relationship with Canada Post as they are aware of the contents of our packages and use special handling with every delivery.

All of our packages are shipped expedited and with XpressPost including a tracking number and standard $100 postal insurance. Postal insurance is included on all orders and any claims for damage or lost packages should be made to Canada Post. For full details on Canada Posts delivery terms and conditions, please visit

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