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Frequently Asked Questions on Framed Butterflies & Moths

Here are the answers to the commonly asked questions we’ve received over the years. Most of your questions will be below with a brief answer. However, for a more in depth understanding of these topics, please visit our blog. If a question is missing, or there is something you’d like to add, please let us know at and we’ll be sure to add it. 

We have broken down the FAQs into specific categories based on our online store, products, and other services.

The frame sizes are 23” x 23 “ square.

You have the options of either a black or white frame.

Each framed butterfly or moth comes from a natural and cruelty free repopulation farm from around the world. With the funds from each purchase of a framed butterfly, the farms can release a multitude of butterflies into the wild. We offer this service to support the efforts of farms from around the world that share our mission, paying the way to global butterfly repopulation. Furthermore, the farms provide education to locals and a source of income to native residents in places where the only other sources of income include the destruction of trees, raising livestock, or other ecologically detrimental activities. If the farms cannot be sustained, the butterflies will vanish with them.

All of our framed insects are legally imported into Canada. They are farmed or collected with the permission of the government in the countries they come from and exported with licenses, quotas, and permits where required. The wildlife authorities of those countries manage all transactions and encourage ecologically healthy practices to ensure species survival and a renewable resource providing incomes in the exporting countries.