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Ordering Butterflies On Our Website For Release Procedure

Thank you for considering the release of butterflies for your special event, occasion, or other exciting moment you wish to create. As soon as you are aware of the date of your event, whether far in advance or last minute, we encourage you to place your order right away. 

In the case of last minute orders, it is better to order your butterflies as soon as possible, as valuable time may be lost that could be spent processing your order. Once your order is placed, all questions can be addressed, and many can be found on our FAQ and blog. If after reviewing the FAQ and blog, if any question or topic is missing, please contact us and we will be happy to answer them and add them to our online content for other users. 

We have had circumstances where we have been able to fulfill an order, but when finally placed, we sold out of the product, as all orders are completed on a first come first serve basis. It takes months of planning each season to have enough available butterflies, and we try to accommodate all last minute orders when possible. 

As soon as you place your order, a team member will review your order and the intended arrival date. We will quickly send a follow up email to let you know your options and the feasibility of meeting your deadline; you must respond to this email to complete your order. Only then do we begin processing your order. If for some reason we are unable to fulfill your order in the requested time, we will issue a full refund on your order. 

We look forward to helping you with your order and thank you for supporting our initiative to repopulate butterflies.

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